ABPP (Africa Biogas Partnership Programme) Illustrations

Hi there 🙂 this is some recent work I did for  the ABPP (Africa Biogas Partnership Programme) 2014 Annual Report.


Basically, my instructions were to create simple, clear pieces of art that had an African feel to it. For the cover page, I decided to highlight the idea of biogas using a biogas flame. I kept the art symmetrical so as to draw attention to the center of the piece and, consequently, to the type “Jiko La Biogesi” which I added to build on the ABPP theme and African feel I had only since hinted at with the warm tones.


For the country profiles, I chose to match the countries’ maps with their flag and decorate these pairings with a style I came across while researching Burkina Faso’s culture (inspiration is pictured below).


I also chose to give all the art pieces a similar rough background to ensure a similarity of style for easy recognition of title pages when flipping through the report.


Finally, for vividness of colour, the medium I chose to use was oil pastels. Let me know what you think about the work in the comments section! TC 🙂


NB: Images are subject to copyright

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