Abstracted Female Love Scenes

With this collection of work titled “Abstracted Female Love Scenes”, I chose to touch on the very intimate topic of a delicate sexual love between two women.

I chose to invite the audience into these settings by creating sliding puzzle pieces that could be touched and moved to create the love scenes. I, however, also chose to hide these lovers in shadows so that all we really get is a veiled glimpse of what is going on between the two. This was inspired by the fact that, in Kenya, same-sex sexual relationships are mainly considered taboo and therefore – as much as I wanted to present this delightful unfolding of love and desire – I felt it necessary to obscure these lovers and their lovemaking from public view.

The images below represent the only four remaining pieces available for purchase from the original 20 piece collection of love scenes. The medium used is acrylic paint on recycled eco-board.

Please click on any circle below to view the images in full scale.


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