“Lez Ka-lour!”

Soooo, something fun happened last week 🙂

I made my very own, first ever, adult colouring book!

“Lez Ka-lour!” the title of the book, is a play on the phrases “Lesbian KamaSutra” and… well… “Let’s Colour!” 😀 Do I really need to say more about its content?

I’d like to mention, too, that the inspiration for this book was pretty spontaneous and happened during a whatsapp discussion I was having with other members of AFRA-Kenya as we planned last Saturday’s Halloween Art Auction (which totally rocked, btw. Just let that fomo course through your veins 😛 Lol). There are so many people I could thank. Because without them, none of this. Starting with the person who person who came up with the idea for the Halloween auction…

But enough talk 🙂 Here’s a quick peek at the book and its contents.

And if you’re interested in buying yourself a copy you can do so here

Bon Appétit! ;D



This edition of Lez Ka-lour! is NO LONGER AVAILABLE for purchase. A second edition of the book is now out, which you can check out here or purchase directly here. Enjoy! 🙂

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