I’m on Redbubble!

So, some of you may have found yourselves asking: “What does Kawira do when she’s not creating art pieces for a project”? And would you believe the answer to that would be: creating more art? 🙂 Lol, yep. I’m one of those people who loves to keep my own company, so when I’m not working, I’m yoga-cising, chilling.. or just drawing.

These drawings usually ended up as cards I would send to a love interest to remind them how special they are to me, or maybe would just be shared as a silly moment between friends, until I discovered the Redbubble website and was like “wait a minute, way-a-ment! My people love the things I share with them.. are you now telling me I can make money from this stuff too??”

And, apparently, yes… Yes I can 😀

So, without much further a-do, here’s the link to my Redbubble site with all my work (so far). Enjoy! 🙂

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