Helpful Art Links

Hey there! Are you an artist looking for links to resources that could help you be better at doing that voodoo that you do do? No worries then – I will be sharing what I learn here so we can all grow together. Like a family. A family of trees. A family of Artistic trees

Here’s what I have found useful so far:

EmptyEasel: this site’s quite comprehensive and offers tutorials, tips and advice on creating and selling art.

I came across this article while looking into Art schools. If you’ve read about me, you know I didn’t really study art after high school and I am currently considering rectifying that. This article encourages independent learning in lieu of the traditional kind offered by art schools. It’s quite interesting and the different perspective may be helpful to you as well.

This is not a link, but if you are a Kenyan artist, you may want to look into registering with the Ministry of Culture (or rather, the ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services). It’s definitely not necessary, but it does give you a certain legitimacy that could be beneficial to you.

And as you create work for your exhibition, perhaps also consider submitting the same work to competitions like this and this

I happily found Margaret Peot’s work while looking for resources to teach me how to create inkblots. She has a Youtube channel up to teach this and also her own site that’s pretty amazing.

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