Upcoming Art Projects to look out for

“Somebodies” – I will be working with a Nairobi-based organisation called jinsiangu, that addresses Trans, Intersex and other Genderqueer issues in Kenya, to create a series of sculptures exploring the diversity of our human forms.

“Paper as Ink” – this is my own exploration on the theme of “Paper” through the use of inkblot art. “How, exactly?” you wonder. Stay tuned to find out.

“Bo” – a painting of a sweet and beautiful pitbull currently being sheltered at the KSPCA in Karen, Nairobi. All proceeds from the sale of the art piece will be donated to the KSPCA. Here’s a short video I took while walking him the other day. And no, I am no video genius. So brace yourself…

Oh, and if you’d like to donate, adopt a pet, or volunteer at the KSPCA, you can get in touch with them through the site I’ve linked above.

“To Revolutionary Type Love” – this is an art-and-photo exhibition that is currently in the works and should be up in the next 3 years! It seeks to celebrate queer love, individuals and community in a very unique and poignant way, and I can’t wait to share it with you all soon enough! 🙂 Check out its website here: https://torevolutionarytypelove.com


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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Art Projects to look out for

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  4. Definitely looking out for these! I’m especially excited about the “To Revolutionary Type Love” — I’d love to help promote your designs digitally or do anything else to support the project. Power to ya. Love and light!

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