What my Clients are Saying

Word on the street is…


“Kawira is not only a highly imaginative artist, she is also a true professional and very easy to work with. We’ve commissioned Kawira to create art and designs for several Jinsiangu projects – she’s made posters, pamphlets, and done other graphic design work for our organisation. Both in creating original artwork and in working with materials that we’ve supplied, she has been communicative, responsive to feedback and able to bring our vision to life.

It’s rare to find an artist who is able to so beautifully and sensitively capture the themes of our work. I would definitely work with Kawira again in the future.”

– Kaitlin Dearham (Research Officer, Jinsiangu)


“It is very difficult to tell a love story without relying on clichés to do the heavy lifting for you.

Kawira’s mobile puzzle pieces did just that.

From the choice of her canvas, to the hidden forms carved and burned into the wood, Kawira forces you to find the love story for yourself – to see and feel the quiet passion unfold between the lovers in the darkness. It is intimacy without intrusion. Incomplete, striking, and breathless, as love is.

Kawira’s art is thought provoking and a welcome change from the variant depictions of wildlife, maasais, and sunsets that often fill our art galleries. She has a point of view. And this for me, makes her the one to watch.”

– Vera Mshana

4 thoughts on “What my Clients are Saying

  1. What can I say about my dear friend’s work that has not been said already? She is not only gifted, tenacious and professional, her work is World Class!!! I have known Kawira Mwirichia for 5 years now, and she has true passion for her work!!

    She has blessed us all with her artwork, and she is also very altruistic. In her very first gallery showing she sold all her artwork and gave all the money to charity.

    Kawira, I am truly humbled to know you, and I appreciate all the artwork that you have created. I know that creating art is your passion, and I bless you. Very, very, well done!!! If there is anything at all that I can do to help you on your journey in the art world, please let me know.

    Once again, very well done!!

  2. Kawira is an impressively creative and smart artist, who brings forth her heart and talent in the work she does. I enjoy working with Kawira because she is professional, creative and disciplined in her work. Thus the product that comes out at the other end is well beyond what you expected. Kawira’s art says something and is very provocative, responsive and thought provoking.

    Kawira, keep speaking!

    • Hi Happy, I am utterly grateful for the opportunities and support you have given me in my art career. Working with you has been a pleasure as well and I have learnt and grown so much from it. Again, thank you

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